Compost Tea



We at Shepherds Meadow employ literally billions of microbes in our journey of rebuilding and strengthening our soil. Why do we go the extra mile to brew, strain, and foiliar feed a tea rather than simply till compost into the soil?  Several reasons. First, compost tea helps the beneficial aspects of compost to go much further. By drenching the roots in a bath of microbial goodness we enrich the roots biozome, creating a rich network of mutually beneficial relationships between the plans root system, microbes and the soil itself. Secondly, when applied as a foiliar spray on the plants leaves, compost tea helps suppress disease, increase the amount of nutrients available to the plant and speed the correction of any mineral deficiencies.  Lastly, compost tea provides an abundance of micronutrients to to the plant via the leaves’ stomata or 'pores'. Foliar feeding bolsters the nutrients available to plants, much like a regular dose of vitamins and supplements.