Nutrient Blending and Balancing 


Nutritional harmony  

It's no secret that growing methods affect the nutritional value and health of food and it’s the same with cannabis. We blend our own nutrients depending on the various growing cycles. Ingredients like high nitrogen bat guano, alfalfa, chicken manure, neem seed meal and fish meal for macro nutrients during their 'grow' phase. Steamed bone meal, high phosphorus seabird guano and ocean kelp keep the plants happy and healthy while flowering. Glacial rock dust, trace minerals and compost teas balance out their micro nutrient requirements. By monitoring the growth and uptake of various nutrients a cultivator can tell much about the health of an individual plant. Elemental or nutritional excesses or deficiencies can be hard to spot so a constant presence and keen eye can be the difference between a bud that smokes or tastes harsh or ‘hot ’and one that burns clean. We at Shepherds Meadow monitor the health of each plant and fine tune the specific nutrient requirements for every plant.